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The financial impact of a prolonged power outage can be devastating to both families and businesses. RC WATT provides portable and permanent emergency backup power generators to both homes and businesses in and around Greensburg, PA. As the leading distributor and installer of Generac backup generators in Greensburg, we help both residential and commercial property owners keep the lights on and weather the storm.

Why Do I Need a Home Backup Generator?

Unfortunately, it’s not until a homeowner has already experienced a lengthy and costly power outage that they consider the benefits of having a home backup generator.

Far too often, homeowners think of a power outage as a mere inconvenience. They think there’s nothing to really worry about – just have some flashlights, matches, and candles nearby, and wait it out. But what if waiting it out becomes waiting several days? It’s not until they’re without power for a period of time that people realize exactly how much of their day-to-day life is run on electricity.

Not only do inconveniences mount the longer a power outage lasts, but so do costs. The food in your refrigerator or freezer can spoil. Your furnace is powered through your electrical panel, a cold house can’t be heated, which can sometimes result in pipes freezing or bursting – necessitating pricey repairs.

Mobile devices and cordless phones can’t be charged. Home Internet is down. Neither microwaves nor electric stoves can be used for cooking, gas ranges need electricity to ignite the burner. In certain instances, if people have no relatives or friends within close proximity unaffected by the outage, they may have to relocate to a hotel room, which can cost as much as $200 per night.

Generac Home Backup Generator Installation in Greensburg, PA

Why Do Businesses Need an Emergency Standby Generator?

RC WATT has emergency standby generators available for a variety of Greensburg businesses ranging from restaurants, grocers, and gas stations to emergency services, banks, hospitals, and data centers. Neither businesses nor the general public can afford downtime. Having access to reliable standby power means uninterrupted service and a healthier bottom line for businesses in and around Greensburg.

The ability to access local fire, police, and paramedics, as well as local grocers, pharmacists, hotels and restaurants, during power outages is also extremely important. RC WATT is proud to help businesses stay profitable during power outages and ensure Greensburg-area residents get the services they need to get them through a trying time.

Generac Standby Generators for Greensburg Businesses

Choosing Between Permanent or Portable Power Generators

RC WATT has both portable and permanent power generators for homeowners to choose from. Portable generators are commonly used commercially at worksites where utility power must be shut off. Portable generators are also popular for recreational uses like camping and tailgating.

Generac Portable Power Generators in Greensburg, PA

Greensburg-area homeowners can choose between a portable generator or permanently installed standby generator. While a portable generator can get you through a short power outage, it also requires refueling and a manual start with every use.

A permanently installed Generac home backup generator sits outside your house and resembles a central air conditioning unit. Refueling isn’t necessary and it operates automatically once the power goes out – even if you’re not home.

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The staff at RC WATT includes several factory-trained technicians for generator repair and installation. RC WATT is a dealer for backup generators from Generac, Kohler, GE, and Briggs & Stratton. RC WATT is available for a free in-home assessment to match your needs with the most cost-efficient backup power supply solutions in Greensburg, PA. Call us today at 724-864-9288 for more information.