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Home Backup Power Generators in Murrysville

Power outages never come at a convenient time. Even worse, unforeseen expenses often accompany prolonged power losses. So, if we don’t know when or if an extended power loss may occur, how can we ever truly prepare ourselves for the unexpected? The answer? Be proactive. Manage risks by making sure our homes have a reliable backup power source on standby at all times. That’s where RC WATT comes in with the assist.

RC WATT is a full-service provider of Generac, Kohler, GE, and Briggs & Stratton home backup generators in Murrysville and surrounding areas. Generac is a true industry leader, practically creating the home backup generator category though Kohler was the first to offer a home generator in 1920. Generac now reigns as the top selling and most highly acclaimed brand on the market with their very affordable offerings.

By offering homeowners the most cost-effective electrical backup solutions on the market, RC WATT has become Murrysville’s leading choice for automatic standby power generators.

Permanently Installed Standby Generators vs. Portable Power Generators

Using Generac, RC WATT offers Murrysville area residents both portable power generators and permanently installed standby generators. While portable generators can certainly keep the lights on and keep appliances running during short duration power outages, they’re most ideal for work or recreational purposes.

For example, if utility power must be shut off during a home renovation project, a portable generator will provide lighting and enable the use of power tools. Contractors love having portable power generators at worksites. Even with the presence of utility power, having a portable power source eliminates the need to run lengthy extension cords from an outlet to a work area.

Portable generators are also commonly used for camping outings and tailgating.

The issue with portable generators is they must be refueled and manually moved/started each time they’re used. A permanently installed home backup generator sits outside your home like a central air conditioning unit. Refueling every several hours isn’t necessary since it runs on your existing natural gas or liquid propane supply.

Even better, whether you’re home or away, a permanently installed Generac backup generator offers security, as it’s designed to start within seconds of a loss of utility power. An automatic transfer switch safely transfers the electrical load during a power outage to the generator, which in turn provides electrical power to your home’s HVAC (furnace and air conditioning) system, alarm system, refrigerator, and electric stove.

Standby Generators for Murrysville Businesses

RC WATT recognizes the importance of business continuity when it comes to customer service, worker morale, and brand reputation. Power losses often translate to lost revenue for many businesses. Power is critical in today’s technology dependent world where even the slightest instance of downtime is disruptive to operations, services, and your bottom line. Unfortunately the power grid here in Murrysville and throughout the rest office 2013 Product key of the country is old and if one section of the country goes down then it too can collapse.

By matching Murrysville area businesses with the most ideal Generac standby generator for their budget and needs, RC WATT is playing our part in ensuring business continuity and profitability for local businesses. We are also ensuring that Murrysville residents have continued access to area grocery and convenience stores, gas stations, banks, hotels, hospitals, restaurants and cafes, police/fire departments, and EMTs during power outages.

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