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If you have ever experienced a prolonged power outage, you know that they are sudden, unexpected, and stressful. Losing power can cause physical and financial strain to homes and businesses. RC WATT is here to provide homes and businesses in Jeannette with permanent and portable backup generator solutions, installing and servicing Generac backup power systems.

Backup Generators for the Home

Prolonged power outages cause more damage than spoiled food. In addition to losing all perishable items, you could lose the hot water supply and the ability to cook. Heat and air conditioning unites are not functional without a power source, and losing these can create very uncomfortable living situations. Lines of communication are jeopardized, with landline access gone and mobile devices unable to be charged.

The stress of lost power can also be felt financially. During winter windstorms, pipes can freeze and burst in extreme temperatures without backup power. Replacing damaged water pipes can incur up to thousands of dollars in repairs. If the outage is prolonged, it may be necessary to move into a hotel room

Backup generators kick in almost seamlessly to power your home in the event of an outage. The HVAC stays on, the food stays cold, and your family stays happy. RC WATT in Jeannette can provide you with a FREE assessment of your home to determine the best generator to meet your needs.

Learn how Generac Backup Generators Run on Natural Gas and Propane

Backup Generators for the Business

When the power goes out and your business has to pause operations, the cash flow pauses with you. Backup power systems can help your business keep producing in the event of a power outage.

Sudden power shutdowns and surges can erase unsaved data and wipe out servers. Everything from sales data to inventory costs can be compromised if power is lost. Many business owners in Jeannette have resolved to prevent such a failure and install a backup generator to protect their business and assets. Generators can mitigate financial losses by defending computer servers, maintaining the security systems, and protecting equipment.

Your business can’t afford to stop moving and production does not have to quit when the power does. Contact RC WATT to find out how a Generac backup power installation can keep your business one step ahead of competition. Not only can we install and service your generator, we can help you plan and implement recovery and prevention strategies for reducing loss in a power outage.

Generac and RC WATT can evaluate your business to determine the right solution for your needs. Our backup generators can power data centers, manufacturing operations, communications, gas stations, so we are confident that your business can be protected.

Generac Solutions, Risk Assessment, and Prevention for Jeannette Businesses

Portable and Permanent Power Generator Options

Generac can protect homes and businesses with generators, both permanent and portable. Standby generators run on natural gas and propane coming into the home, which means no refueling, and run automatically as needed. Portable generators run on diesel fuel or gasoline, and are operated manually. RC WATT has a selection of portable generators that are perfect for camping, tailgate parties, and worksite needs in the Jeannette area.

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