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Generac Backup Power Generators in Monroeville, PA

Prolonged power outages come out of nowhere and are often accompanied by unforeseen costs. RC WATT is a full-service provider of Generac, Kohler, GE, and Briggs & Stratton backup power generators for homes and businesses in Monroeville, PA. Having an emergency backup power source can eradicate common costs associated with power outages. Better yet, with financing options available, portable and permanent generators are more cost-efficient than ever before.

Generac put residential and commercial standby backup power generators on the map. Recognized as a world-renowned leader in the power industry, Generac products are highly regarded and well reviewed, in addition to being the #1 selling power generators in the country. RC WATT is proud to be Monroeville’s choice for Generac power generators. Our staff is factory-trained and committed to matching the needs of Monroeville area homeowners and businesses with affordable backup power solutions.

Monroeville’s Home Backup Generator Dealer

RC WATT cares about the comfort and safety of your family. Many homeowners don’t realize the true cost of power outages until they experience one. When a refrigerator and freezer full of food must be thrown away. When dining out is the only option for family dinner since microwaves and electric stoves are rendered useless without power. When living conditions are unbearable with no heat or air conditioning and refuge must be taken at a $200 a night hotel – the only place where you can charge mobile devices and connect to the Internet.

While portable power generators help keep the lights on and appliances running through a short power outage, they also require refueling and must be started manually. Generac has reasonably priced permanent standby generators that run on natural gas or liquid propane fuel without any need to refuel. Resembling a central air unit that sits outside your home, these generators start automatically whether you’re home or not.

Generac Home Backup Power Generators in Monroeville, PA

Emergency Standby Generators for Monroeville Businesses

Downtime is a business killer. Without an emergency standby power generator, businesses lose their ability to service customers. If an extended power outage impacts the region, residents are even more dependent on Monroeville-area businesses for basic needs and necessities.

RC WATT provides local businesses with a number of standby power solutions that ensure offices, schools, healthcare facilities, emergency responders, gas stations, grocery and convenience stores, hotels, and restaurants in Monroeville maintain their ability to service customers in the event of a prolonged power outage. When you think about business continuity, think RC WATT.

In addition to our permanent standby generators for businesses, Monroeville-area contractors or DIY enthusiasts may be interested in the Generac portable power generators for home renovation projects. Say goodbye to running lengthy extension cords from one corner of a property to another or figuring out how to use power tools with no utility power.

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