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Home Backup Generators in Latrobe, PA

Prolonged power outages, and the expenses that accompany them, are unpredictable. Power failures don’t call to schedule a convenient time to interrupt your life. Your power can go out while you’re at work, on vacation, fast asleep in your bed, or shortly before Steelers kickoff.

This is why RC WATT is here for you. As a full-service dealer of Generac home backup generators in Latrobe and surrounding areas, we supply homeowners in the region with the most cost-effective backup electrical systems on the market.

Generac produces the top selling power generators in the United States. Unlike portable power generators, which have to be refueled and manually started any time they’re used, home standby generators start automatically.

Within seconds of a power outage, whether you’re home or not, an automatic transfer switch recognizes the loss of power. Your home’s electrical load is then transferred to the generator, which sends power to your electrical panel. This provides backup electrical power to household appliances like refrigerators, stoves, and water heaters, as well as HVAC and security systems.

Generac standby generators are visible outside many homes in the Latrobe, but are commonly mistaken for central air conditioning units. They run on natural gas and liquid propane.

The staff at RC WATT doesn’t just “sell” Generac projects. We are factory-trained on all aspects of both portable and permanent standby generators. In addition to installing and servicing generators, we work as consultants to match Latrobe homeowners and businesses with the backup electrical system that best matches their needs and budget. We have options available from the major manufacturers of home generators: Generac, Kohler, GE, and Briggs & Stratton.

Generac Home Backup Power Generators in Latrobe, PA

Standby Generators for Latrobe Businesses

Business continuity is important to any business whether they’re big or small. For businesses in today’s tech-driven culture, power outages mean disrupted operations, hampered service, brand reputation damage, and lost revenue. RC WATT works with businesses in and around Latrobe to reduce outages and protect their bottom line by matching them with a Generac standby generator for their business.

From hospitals to gas stations, grocery stores, hotels, and restaurants, Generac is trusted by a number of industries for backup power supply.

Download Generac’s Business Continuity Plan and get prepared for the next outage.

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RC WATT Powers Life, Work, & Play

In addition to permanent home backup generators, RC WATT offers a variety of portable generators ideal for any contractor in need of portable power at jobsites, short duration power outages at home or work, and recreational activities such as camping trips or tailgating.

Learn How to Choose a Portable Power Generator

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