WHAT we offer

We offer and are experts in electric energy management technologies especially suited to natural gas or propane fueled backup power for a home or business where the main panel may be 100 amps (100A), 150 amps (150A) or 200 amps (200A). For a 200A panel, at 240 volts (240V), the utility power capacity is 48,000 watts (48kW) but our most popular sizes for a managed whole house standby generator is 14kW and 20kW (we show you how 1/2 the power can meet all your needs). When the core essentials, sans air conditioning, are to be backed up, we work to understand your basic needs and can recommend packaged standby generators starting at 7,000 watts (7kW), 11,000 watts (11kW), and going to 17,000 watts (17kW).

These generators can run critical equipment in your home or small office including phones, computer servers, furnace, refrigerator, and key lighting. We understand the need for medical equipment having backup power. For the least expensive essential power we offer portable generators of 5500 watts (5.5kW) and 8,000 watts (8kW) with a manual transfer switch. If your interest is very basic then we stock an 800 watt (800W) inverter style portable generator and a 100 watt (100W) inverter which plugs into the accessory port of your vehicle. We stock repair parts and offer onsite and in shop service for what we offer: Generac, Kohler, GE, Briggs & Stratton. We offer solutions to not only cope but thrive during a utility power outage.


RC WATT recognizes that Generac generators can power virtually any task at home or on the road, and keep the lights on during a power outage. And Generac pressure washers power through dirt and grime. For clients in southwestern PA (communities served), we stock the most popular Generac backup, portable, and pressure washer products for your benefit.


Whether your business is mission critical or you just want a competitive advantage over your competitors during a power outage, Generac backup generators can protect your bottom line. RC WATT is focused on single phase applications up to 60kW and specialize in working with small business owners.



RC WATT employs several factory trained technicians. We’re a full service dealer which has access to a plethora of onsite power products. We have and use generator sizing and fuel line sizing calculators, spec sheets, and other professionals from the industry to assist you in achieving an affordable solution specific to your needs. You don’t have to lose power anymore! Think Power, think WATT… For Reliable Convenient Power, think RC WATT!