There are thousands of standby generators out there to choose from. But at RC WATT we make sure that you find the best product for your residential backup generator needs. We make sure that every client interested in installing a standby generator is eligible for our free in-home consultation at which our team gets to know your family and what your specific power needs would be. In and out within in an hour, we’ll go over a few key generator offerings and recommend a particular product that we think would best suit your lifestyle. Call or email us today to schedule your appointment!

Whole House

If you want every appliance, every outlet, and every system within your home to work just like normal when the power goes out, then one of these generators might be your perfect match. Providing your entire home with power, these standby generators leave no part of your home in the dark.

Managed Whole House

Our most popular standby generator options fall in this category. Usually 11kW solutions, these generators will power a significant portion of our home throughout any power outage. Less expensive than a Whole House backup generator, these residential generators give you the appliances and outlets you need to comfortably live through any inclement weather.

Core Essentials

If a few select outlets and an appliance or two are all you need to wait out any power failure, then a generator from this category might just be the one for you. The least expensive option on the spectrum powers a few select systems within your home, ensuring that you’ll still have power at key touchpoints in your home through any power outage.

At RC WATT, our team is trained to be able to make the perfect generator match for your standby power needs. Call or email us today—we’d be happy to walk you through our backup generator product offerings!