Founded in 1997, InterHome Technologies, Inc., the corporate entity under which RC WATT operates, has the Corporate Vision: Provide clients with innovative home technologies that improve their quality of life.

RC WATT builds on the Vision with the Mission: Provide clients with “Reliable Convenient Power” using onsite power systems.

Today’s homeowner seeks our permanently installed, backup offerings, because they want the benefits of having power restored automatically, in seconds, when millions of other people in the U.S., lose power each week.

Today’s home is more than the family hub – it is for many the work place, and for others – a place to convalesce.  Home office and medical equipment need electricity.  While electricity was a luxury a hundred years ago; today electricity is essential to our way of life.  Centrally produced power, certainly a great value, comes with the limitations of reliability inherit with miles of wires and other infrastructure.  Please carefully consider the question: When is a good time to lose power? Utility power outages are unpredictable.

Given the affordability of today’s onsite power systems, the quality solutions we provide enable our clients to enjoy the best of both models:

  • Central power – we recommend keeping your grid connection;
  • Onsite power – we recommend an automatically starting backup power system.

We invite you to “Move Beyond Plain Old Power Service” SM, and join with the multitude of clients we presently serve.